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Danger Zone Tick populations are exploding, and with new health concerns, learn how to get protected!
Uh, oh! Spring is arriving which means the termite swarmers are near. Keep an eye out for these pests, because they're definitely NOT ants!
Pest Profile Mosquitoes Abair Lavery Pest Management Services offers the most effective solutions to keep mosquitoes away from your home or business. We aim to keep you comfortable and safe.
May I come in? If it's cold for you, it's cold for them!
Wildlife! Abair Lavery Pest Management Services offers Wildlife Control for your home.
We aim to keep you comfortable and safe.
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Featured Testimonial

“It may be a small point, but I LOVE that Abair Lavery makes appointments like the old days! There’s none of those 4 hour windows that most companies give today. Who has time for that?! They tell me they’ll be at my house for 10:00, and they don’t disappoint.”

Allison B.  |  West Hartford, CT

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