Eastern Subterranean Termite

Reticulitermes flavipes

Recognition: There are three castes of a termite colony. 
Workers 3/8" in length. Creamy white in color. Lack wings.
Soldiers 3/8" in length. Creamy white in color. Head will be significantly larger than that of a worker. Lacks wings
Reproductives (Swarmers) 3/8" in length. Black in color. Wings present.

Bio: Eastern Subterranean Termites typically will attack softer wood. Mature colonies can contain 50,000 to upwards of a million workers. Swarming will generally occur in early spring. Damaged wood will often have a muddy substance within it. Colonies will establish themselves in the soil, and create paths to and from the food source they are attacking. They will become inactive in most homes during the winter.

Control: Abair Lavery will assess each termite problem with a free inspection and consultation visit. If liquid treatments are required, a properly labeled termiticide will be applied to the soil. Abair Lavery also has the luxury of being approved by Dow Agro Science, to use their modern, eco-friendly and less intrusive approach to termite control; their Sentricon baiting system.