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Abair Lavery is pleased to provide a full suppression service for Mosquitos. Whether is it be a stand-alone treatment or a supplementary application to your existing program, Abair Lavery will provide you with the right solution to take back your yard! With the Zika Virus starting to become a concern, now is the time to consider a proactive approach to your Mosquito management. Harborage consultation and timed applications will help you step back outside and enjoy what’s yours.


Take some steps to understand why you may have a problem, and learn how we can help!

  • Reduce all standing water on your property. This includes changing the water in your bird baths, clearing gutters so water may move freely, keeping the lids on your trash cans, clearing any standing water in plant saucers, tire swings, or anything similar. If you have standing water in your yard or swampy conditions, consult with a landscaper on how to best remediate that.
  • Protect yourself! At all times of day mosquitoes may be active, but especially at dusk! Wear long sleeves and pants where possible. Use repellant products such as OFF or have citronella candles in use while sitting outside.
  • Have your property treated! Abair Lavery has regular application programs to help suppress mosquito populations on your property. Using the correct products and application methods, we target areas around your home to keep the numbers down!

Remember that your control is limited to your property. If you have neighbors or surroundings that you feel are contributing to mosquito populations, make sure to discuss it with them, and team up on the fight against mosquitoes!