German Cockroach

(Blattella germanica)

Recognition: Adults about 5/8" in length. Light brown in color with two darker stripes on pronotum.

Bio: Females will produce 30 eggs on average per hatching. Developmental time varies depending on temperature and humidity but on average from egg to adult is 100 days.

Control: Obtaining cockroach control is a procedure that must be followed in order yield results. Cockroaches will usually be introduced into an environment by being carried in on cargo or delivery items. Once introduced into a property, they seek unsanitary conditions to feed on and harbor in. Ensuring clean and uncluttered conditions will not allow cockroaches to thrive, thus allowing for control efforts by Abair Lavery to be successful. Baiting methods is the primary route of control. Sprays and dusts can also be applied in situations that require them.