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Rodent Tips!

December 2nd, 2014

The rodent season is in full swing, and like many, you might be dealing with the occasional visitor you weren't hoping to see. Abair Lavery is adept at understanding how or why a residence might have an issue, but sometimes the solution is an easy fix. While rodents can make their way inside at anytime, late fall and early winter are the high points of their movement for the obvious reason; it's getting cold! While our technicians are trained to help identify solutions, we're going to give you a few freebies for you to look for. Remember, mice need about the width of your pinky finger to squeeze through!

  • Many rodents will gain access the same way that you do. I know at my home, my primary access is through my garage, and like a lot of people, those doors aren't always shut when they should be! Rodents will not hesitate to take advantage of an opportunity to upgrade in warmth. If you're not coming and going in a brief timeframe, it's best to keep those doors shut! Additionally, even when they're closed, ensure that your door sits flush to the garage floor. Check to see that your weather stripping isn't worn or off-balance. 
  • Inspect where piping or wiring might enter into your residence. Your air conditioning unit is a common opportunity for access. If there is an opportunity in any of these areas, it is best to use a copper mesh to fill it. If the gap is large, it might require a handyman's attention. Inspect any exterior vents and ensure they are properly screened.
  • Under your siding! Siding will inevitably wear over time. A simple check by running your hand underneath your sidings lowest points can often reveal openings. As with intentional openings, these unintentional openings can be addressed with copper mesh.
  • Hatchways are wonderful for moving things in and out of the basement, but they often are forgotten when not in use and hidden behind the basement door that leads to them. If either are left with the slightest of openings, you've left a golden opportunity for entrance!

Keeping in mind that rodents need little space, there are many other opportunities for entrance, but the above listed are easy starting points that most home owners can address. As always, our technician are available to help when needed! Good luck!

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